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The Rules:
  • Write the rules  ( Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer )
  • Write 13 things about yourself  
  • Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions
  • Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged
  • Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this"
  • It is forbidden not to tag anyone
  • Tag backs are allowed
  • If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you! (wtf)

13 Facts About Me:
  1. I don't like going down an escalator and my family finds it dumb
  2. I really love old 80's cheesy movies, mostly horror since they're just so damn great
  3. My 1st manga that I fully collected was Death Note
  4. Very close to my sister and pretty much any anime I've watched has been because of her
  5. My first OTP was Yoite and Miharu from Nabari no ou
  6. Love horror movies, yet I watch just to scare myself and I hate it because then it takes longer for me to sleep
  7. Want to start an online comic
  8. Absolutely love dogs and I would want either a pug or shih tzu
  9. My favorite superhero when I was younger was Spiderman and I still stand by that
  10. Love to decorate things and just have something on my wall
  11. New favorite movie is now the Lego Batman Movie. Have no idea why it got me so emotional compared to any other Batman movie
  12. Always look up recipes and have a whole tab dedicated to them, yet I never make them. I want to badly though
  13. Watch episodes of Kitchen Nightmares because Gordon Ramsey is my favorite thing in this shitty world

Questions from h4e:
  1. Sweet, salty or umami? Sweet, very huge sweet tooth.
  2. Would you change your gender? How about for a week? If it's only a week then yeah. This question has only made me curious now.
  3. Is there something you're embarrassed about yourself even though you know nobody cares about it/ no one will make fun of you for it? I tend to get embarrassed over what I'm wearing even though I know it's not that big of a deal.
  4. What's your zodiacal sign? Gemini
  5. A saying you like or use a lot: You've got to make a statement. You've got to look inside yourself and say: 'What am I willing to put up with today? NOT FUCKING THIS!' - Arin Hanson
  6. Describe your favorite socks! (And why are they #1) They're striped grey and green with some pink. They really aren't number 1 to be honest.
  7. I say Vol– You say: tron I guess because that's the only thing I can think of
  8. If you had a mundane superpower, what would it be? (like being able to turn tvs and radios on without touching them, or making every pillow you use exactly as soft or fluffy as you like, or never burning what you cook, and the such) I would like to be able to look at something that's like a reference and just learn how to do it
  9. A, hopefully weird, fact that for some reason you never forgot. When photography is being taken of ice cream, it is instead mash potatoes with food coloring in it.
  10. Favorite drink? Lemonade, any type
  11. You can have a power if you give something about you, what would you choose and what would you give? (It could be something about your personality or physical, but not something you own. Also try to make it equivalent, as in not giving your appendix for being able to fly across the universe at speed light without consequences to your physical body or need of oxygen) Give up my eyes to understand everything and see (lack of a better word) the truth behind things
  12. When in an artist block, to which character or fandom do you usually recur to try and get out of it? Kageyama Shigeo from Mob Psycho 100
  13. One character or fandom guilty-headcanon that you love? Illumi Zoldyk is such a guilty pleasure and I know he's terrible.
My Questions:
  1. Who's an artist on here that is your favorite or inspires you? (Show them some love)
  2. Favorite online comic if you have one?
  3. A book or series you love to reread?
  4. Which actor/actress do you trust to watch no matter what movie they are in?
  5. Favorite cartoon TV show?
  6. What is your song of the week?
  7. Last concert you saw or who do you most want to see in concert?
  8. What is your current background on your phone?
  9. If  you were given a free plane ticket, where would you most want to go?
  10. Your house is burning and you are able to take one thing with out of the fire, what is it? Your family and pets are already out of the house.
  11. If you could trade places with one person for one day, who would you pick?
  12. Play any instruments? If so what do you play?
  13. How would you define your sense of humor?




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